Senior Grumpy’s Verbal Cacophony

Senior Grumpy’s Verbal Cacophony

Welcome to Senior Grumpy’s Verbal Cacophony!

A podcast/audio blog series where I speak my mind on things that range from things that make me angry, things I find funny, or a number of ranges of topics. Whether they are tame or abrasive I am just speaking my mind. Whether or not you agree or disagree with me is up to you. I am not here as an expert, guru, or guide for anyone’s personal life, I am just getting a lot of things off of my chest so I do not drive myself crazy.

New episodes are posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I will forewarn anyone who listens in there is quite a bit of cursing on my show. You can either catch the episodes here on WordPress or through my TalkShoe account, which I have linked above.

The nice thing is the episodes are relatively short, sticking around the ten minute mark. Hopefully I don’t drive anyone too insane.


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