Episode 85 – The School Of Redundancy

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Episode 84: The School Of Redundancy

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The Epidemic Of Stupidity



First Student Canada Would Rather Your Children To Freeze To Death



You Cannot Have Fun In Kindergarten! You Must Plan For College NOW!!!




Episode 79 – The Never Ending Douchebaggery

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Episode 79 – The Never Ending Douchebaggery

This one is a bit long, but hopefully you enjoy.


Dear Prudence Segment:



Subway Douchebag Segment:


Australia Ticket Inspector Douchebags:






Episode 78 – Assholes Around The Globe

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Episode 78 – Assholes Around The Globe

Patheos.com: Starbucks Male Semen Story

Dailymail: Cheap Labour Party Leader

Addicting Info: Use Anti-Rape Face

A humanoid thank you to the various friends who have supplied me with the various articles for these episodes!

If you dug the music snippets in this episode you can grab them from the two awesome bands below as well as whatever other merch they might have:

Hellven (Unfortunately doesn’t have a link to buy their stuff. HEY GUYS! If you ever read this need a link to give you credit and people can buy your tunes!)


Episode 61 – Truthful Liquor Commercial

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I tried to find the video of the commercial that I am rambling on about, unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of the product, and after about two hours of searching through a search engine and YouTube I just couldn’t find it. If anyone knows the name of the product or the commercial that I am going on about please let me know or hit me up with a link to a video of the commercial so I can post it here.