Episode 85 – The School Of Redundancy

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Episode 84: The School Of Redundancy

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The Epidemic Of Stupidity



First Student Canada Would Rather Your Children To Freeze To Death



You Cannot Have Fun In Kindergarten! You Must Plan For College NOW!!!





Episode 81 – Racism, Homophobia, and Bigotry! Oh my!

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Episode 81 – Racism, Homophobia, and Bigotry! Oh my!

I flubbed in a lot of spots. So if I got a lot of facts wrong, things said backwards, or forgot to mention what I said I would mention I apologize outright. I am reorganize the episodes so they have a cohesive flow. I beg of you; please be patient.



Gun Range Of Bigotry








Pedophilia Caused By Radical Feminism



Separation Of Church And Hate



Episode 78 – Assholes Around The Globe

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Episode 78 – Assholes Around The Globe

Patheos.com: Starbucks Male Semen Story

Dailymail: Cheap Labour Party Leader

Addicting Info: Use Anti-Rape Face

A humanoid thank you to the various friends who have supplied me with the various articles for these episodes!

If you dug the music snippets in this episode you can grab them from the two awesome bands below as well as whatever other merch they might have:

Hellven (Unfortunately doesn’t have a link to buy their stuff. HEY GUYS! If you ever read this need a link to give you credit and people can buy your tunes!)


Episode 73 – Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

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Episode 73: Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

In this episode I tear in to a particular British council member who decide to make the delusional comment that there isn’t any poverty going on because he cannot seem to get a seat at his favorite restaurant. So this one is pretty lengthy, which couldn’t be helped.

I would also like to thank Gemma (Sorry I mispronounced your name, and getting the name of your blog wrong…again.) for helping with a bit of research and pointing in me in the right direction for the facts that I needed.

Huffington Post UK article: http://huff.to/1mGEihn

Episode 64 – Fandumb

This episode goes out to my friend Gemma over at “Wine and Roses From Outer Space” and anyone else that is a Doctor Who fan who are tired of really dumb people trying to ruin their enjoyment and make everyone look stupid. Also a gigantic thank you to Justine Dougan for sharing the first link.

Links to the stupidity