Episode 85 – The School Of Redundancy

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Episode 84: The School Of Redundancy

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The Epidemic Of Stupidity



First Student Canada Would Rather Your Children To Freeze To Death



You Cannot Have Fun In Kindergarten! You Must Plan For College NOW!!!





Episode 80 – Nut Rage, Harassment, And Douchebaggery

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Episode 80 – Nut Rage, Harassment, And Douchebaggery

Can organizations, politicians, and the over-privileged get any stupider?

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Links to the news articles related to each of the segments.

Your School Is Just Too British


Prepubescent Sock-puppet Pussies Threaten Female Video Game Reviewer




Poor People Lack the Ability To Cook Which Makes The Go Hungry


Feeding Britain Mission Statement


Korea Airline Nut Rage




Episode 74 – They’re Everywhere!

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I have a feeling this particular episode might piss off a lot of people. Or it might not, who knows?

I pretty much ramble on about encountering one of the many riveting people when I have to take public transportation to my class. Mind you, this isn’t to complain or to critique about public transportation. This is my way of overcoming the slight annoyances called “drug addicts”.

And for the record; no I am not making fun of anyone mentally handicapped. Saying the person I am talking about in this episode is mentally handicapped would be an insult to the intelligence mentally handicapped people actually have compared this individual.

Episode 63 – Bully Beatdown That Is Old News

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A couple of News segments about a boy who was bullied and then standing up for himself and the other about the other boy saying he was the one being bullied (if that makes sense).

Episode 59 – School Bus Assistant Chokes Autistic Boy

I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly perfect with what I have to say verbally. Especially if the given subject pisses me off to no end. We live in a world where there is a never ending supply of complete bullshit that we all do to one another. For the subject of this particular episode has enraged me to no end. I know there are moments where I trail off or meander a bit because as I said I am no expert by any means, I am just speaking my mind about something that pisses me off to no end and this one REALLY pisses me off. 

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Missus Tribbles Original Post

Daily Mail

Huffpost Miami

Daily News

Sun Sentinel

EAG News

WARNING: May induce uncontrollable rage, frothing at the mouth, stuttering and tripping on words due to anger, pissed-tivity, and overall outrage. If this subject does not piss you off then you are either callous or not angry enough.