Episode 88 – The Douchebaggery That Goes From Worse To Horribly Worse

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Episode 88: The Douchebaggery That Goes From Worse To Horribly Worse

I apologize for the audio on this one. I had some issue during tracking, hopefully will be resolved by next episode.

Granddaughter Collateral Shitheadery




You May Now Take Your Rape Victim Because Her Father Said It Is OK Since You Said Your Sorry


The Rotherham Child Abuse Clusterfuck





Episode 78 – Assholes Around The Globe

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Episode 78 – Assholes Around The Globe

Patheos.com: Starbucks Male Semen Story

Dailymail: Cheap Labour Party Leader

Addicting Info: Use Anti-Rape Face

A humanoid thank you to the various friends who have supplied me with the various articles for these episodes!

If you dug the music snippets in this episode you can grab them from the two awesome bands below as well as whatever other merch they might have:

Hellven (Unfortunately doesn’t have a link to buy their stuff. HEY GUYS! If you ever read this need a link to give you credit and people can buy your tunes!)


Episode 76 – Child Rapist KO’ed By Dad!

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Episode 76: Child Rapist KO’ed By Dad!

I need to make a correction. When I mentioned that monster Jeremy Strohmeyer I said that he served only seven years, which was totally wrong on my part. He is actually serving a life sentence after killing a seven year old girl. 

Associated Press article: http://yhoo.it/1lezo6B

Jeremy Strohmeyer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Strohmeyer

Knocked The Fuck Out