Episode 88 – The Douchebaggery That Goes From Worse To Horribly Worse

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Episode 88: The Douchebaggery That Goes From Worse To Horribly Worse

I apologize for the audio on this one. I had some issue during tracking, hopefully will be resolved by next episode.

Granddaughter Collateral Shitheadery




You May Now Take Your Rape Victim Because Her Father Said It Is OK Since You Said Your Sorry


The Rotherham Child Abuse Clusterfuck





Episode 59 – School Bus Assistant Chokes Autistic Boy

I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly perfect with what I have to say verbally. Especially if the given subject pisses me off to no end. We live in a world where there is a never ending supply of complete bullshit that we all do to one another. For the subject of this particular episode has enraged me to no end. I know there are moments where I trail off or meander a bit because as I said I am no expert by any means, I am just speaking my mind about something that pisses me off to no end and this one REALLY pisses me off. 

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WARNING: May induce uncontrollable rage, frothing at the mouth, stuttering and tripping on words due to anger, pissed-tivity, and overall outrage. If this subject does not piss you off then you are either callous or not angry enough.