Episode 88 – The Douchebaggery That Goes From Worse To Horribly Worse

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Episode 88: The Douchebaggery That Goes From Worse To Horribly Worse

I apologize for the audio on this one. I had some issue during tracking, hopefully will be resolved by next episode.

Granddaughter Collateral Shitheadery




You May Now Take Your Rape Victim Because Her Father Said It Is OK Since You Said Your Sorry


The Rotherham Child Abuse Clusterfuck





Episode 73 – Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

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Episode 73: Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

In this episode I tear in to a particular British council member who decide to make the delusional comment that there isn’t any poverty going on because he cannot seem to get a seat at his favorite restaurant. So this one is pretty lengthy, which couldn’t be helped.

I would also like to thank Gemma (Sorry I mispronounced your name, and getting the name of your blog wrong…again.) for helping with a bit of research and pointing in me in the right direction for the facts that I needed.

Huffington Post UK article: http://huff.to/1mGEihn