Episode 75 – Triple Header!

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People afraid of breastfeeding moms, autism, and a mom who dies in prison after being arrested for unpaid truancy fines.

The breastfeeding articles:

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Autism article:

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Mom of Truant children dies in prison articles:

NY Daily News: http://nydn.us/1pA4TP1

Jobs & Hire: http://bit.ly/1lGMayq


Episode 59 – School Bus Assistant Chokes Autistic Boy

I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly perfect with what I have to say verbally. Especially if the given subject pisses me off to no end. We live in a world where there is a never ending supply of complete bullshit that we all do to one another. For the subject of this particular episode has enraged me to no end. I know there are moments where I trail off or meander a bit because as I said I am no expert by any means, I am just speaking my mind about something that pisses me off to no end and this one REALLY pisses me off. 

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Missus Tribbles Original Post

Daily Mail

Huffpost Miami

Daily News

Sun Sentinel

EAG News

WARNING: May induce uncontrollable rage, frothing at the mouth, stuttering and tripping on words due to anger, pissed-tivity, and overall outrage. If this subject does not piss you off then you are either callous or not angry enough.