Episode 82 – You’re OK With Me Exposing You As A Bigot? Fuckin’ A!

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Episode 82 – You’re OK With Me Exposing You As A Bigot? Fuckin’ A!

There are still some verbal flubs because I am still trying to refine the format that I am trying to attempt to keep things organize. Please bare with. 




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Episode 81 – Racism, Homophobia, and Bigotry! Oh my!

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Episode 81 – Racism, Homophobia, and Bigotry! Oh my!

I flubbed in a lot of spots. So if I got a lot of facts wrong, things said backwards, or forgot to mention what I said I would mention I apologize outright. I am reorganize the episodes so they have a cohesive flow. I beg of you; please be patient.



Gun Range Of Bigotry








Pedophilia Caused By Radical Feminism



Separation Of Church And Hate



Episode Null – Intro/Update

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Episode Null: Intro/Update

I am just giving a bit of an update as well as an intro for any new listeners. Especially since I have branched the podcast out to PodOMatic. I decided to do this to make it easier for anyone who wants to subscribe to the podcast through either iTunes or whatever you use for downloading and listening to podcasts on. 

I’ll link it here and then put a link in my side-bar when I have the time and can remember to do so.


In case I might have said it incorrectly; you can click the images of the two bands (Dutch Rosenberg Theater and Hellven) on the side-bar on the right to access their website and their music, merch, information, and shows. Check them out!

Have a good one!

Update: A Revamping We Shall Go

Just doing a quick update to keep everyone (whoever you may be) in the loop with what is going on with this podcast. 

I have been revamping some aspects of the show a bit. There won’t be too much of a change to the delivery, but more to the organizing and behind the scenes type of things. I am working on an effort for a streamlined process to working on the episodes so that I can keep them coming and not wait too long between episodes. That way the subjects I talk about stay relevant and aren’t too out of date. 

The new intro and outro music is ready and supplied (as I have mentioned before) by The Dutch Rosenberg Theater and Hellven. Make sure to check them and their music out by clicking the links I have provided in the side-bar on the right there. You cannot miss them. 

The delivery as I said will be the same. It will be the same rambling, self-conscious, stream of words. Pretty much how I normally script and talk. 

I will also be releasing my episodes from the next one on out through PodOmatic. I will post the link in the next post for the next episode. The reason I am doing this is to make it a little easier for those who want to subscribe to the show through iTunes but might be having trouble through the link that I provide in the show notes.

There are some other things that I am heavily debating, but I really don’t want to bore my audience with the details of it.

 I have come to a conclusion though; I am for “human stupidity” not because it is something that needs to be championed or perpetuated, but because politicians, religious leaders, royalties, and any other over-privileged class can enjoy the inability to escape it like the rest of us.

Pretty much, that is what my podcast is about….I think?

If you have a link to any news bits that you think I might be interested in covering or just want to say something positive leave it in my comments sections. All flame/insulting comments will be terminated. Which also means do not harass any of my fellow bloggers or the musicians related to my show. You definitely will not be prepared for their reactions.

Have an awesome one folks! 

And keep on keepin’ on!

Senior Grumpy

Episode Null – Thank You

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I just wanted to release this thank you anyone who has sent news articles or subject matter my way for any of my episodes. 

If you would like to check out of the blogs, writing, and music of the people I thanked in the above audio you can check out their links below.

The Hairy Housewife is Gemma’s blog. She is an avid Doctor Who fanatic, as well as some various other shows and movies she has expressed her enjoyment for. 


The M3 is Red’s domain. Her page covers a lot of eclectic things from poetry to other types of writing. My favorite section is definitely “Friday Follies”.

Welcome Home!

Hellven and Dutch Rosenberg Theater (in some respects it is the same band to a degree) are a couple of my favorite Arizona bands. The music is always awesome! Give them a shot, and bug them for tunes and merch.




Again, I thank all of these people and those mentioned in the audio. I would highly not suggestion giving any of these people any shit, especially since you will not be prepared for their sarcasm and wit.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Episode 80 – Nut Rage, Harassment, And Douchebaggery

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Episode 80 – Nut Rage, Harassment, And Douchebaggery

Can organizations, politicians, and the over-privileged get any stupider?

The new house band:



Dutch Rosenberg Theater: 



Check both of these bands out! They are awesome!


Links to the news articles related to each of the segments.

Your School Is Just Too British


Prepubescent Sock-puppet Pussies Threaten Female Video Game Reviewer




Poor People Lack the Ability To Cook Which Makes The Go Hungry


Feeding Britain Mission Statement


Korea Airline Nut Rage




Episode 79 – The Never Ending Douchebaggery

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Episode 79 – The Never Ending Douchebaggery

This one is a bit long, but hopefully you enjoy.


Dear Prudence Segment:



Subway Douchebag Segment:


Australia Ticket Inspector Douchebags: