Episode Null – Thank You

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-96069/TS-929577.mp3] Download (Right-click to save as)

I just wanted to release this thank you anyone who has sent news articles or subject matter my way for any of my episodes. 

If you would like to check out of the blogs, writing, and music of the people I thanked in the above audio you can check out their links below.

The Hairy Housewife is Gemma’s blog. She is an avid Doctor Who fanatic, as well as some various other shows and movies she has expressed her enjoyment for. 


The M3 is Red’s domain. Her page covers a lot of eclectic things from poetry to other types of writing. My favorite section is definitely “Friday Follies”.

Welcome Home!

Hellven and Dutch Rosenberg Theater (in some respects it is the same band to a degree) are a couple of my favorite Arizona bands. The music is always awesome! Give them a shot, and bug them for tunes and merch.




Again, I thank all of these people and those mentioned in the audio. I would highly not suggestion giving any of these people any shit, especially since you will not be prepared for their sarcasm and wit.

Have a great holiday everyone!


3 responses to “Episode Null – Thank You

  1. Hope you are having a fab holiday season. Happy New Year with a complete absence of asshattery! Thank you for the shout out. You are always welcome to grab a cuppa and rick on my porch. Keep rocking, Grumpy!

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