Episode 73 – Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

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Episode 73: Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

In this episode I tear in to a particular British council member who decide to make the delusional comment that there isn’t any poverty going on because he cannot seem to get a seat at his favorite restaurant. So this one is pretty lengthy, which couldn’t be helped.

I would also like to thank Gemma (Sorry I mispronounced your name, and getting the name of your blog wrong…again.) for helping with a bit of research and pointing in me in the right direction for the facts that I needed.

Huffington Post UK article: http://huff.to/1mGEihn


2 responses to “Episode 73 – Food Banks, Dipshits, And Assholes! Oh My!

  1. Good post Michael, it reminded me of when the mayor of Vancouver was talking about the people begging for money on the street and made reference to the fact that he saw one guy pan handling and then the guy got on his bike and rode away. As if because the guy gets around on a peddle bike he is too well off to beg for money. He was the same guy that said all homeless people should be given a shovel and put to work. I’d like to see him get up and put a day of labor in when he slept in a doorway somewhere and got woken up half a dozen times and told to move along, and then not have money for breakfast or proper clothes to wear. These people really should keep their mouths shut when they don’t have a flippin clue what they are talking about. It just makes them look stupid.
    There was a period of time JC and I only ate Tim Horton’s donuts. People could say we should have been buying real food but at that time we could buy a dozen donuts for like $6 and that fed both of us for the day. Where else are you going to get full for $6/day for two people?
    Don’t get me started. lol

  2. You’ve seen the response I received when I emailed this guy – doing the whole “Woe is me” thing even though he claims he wasn’t!

    When I left home I was eighteen and there was a recession. No jobs, and even those out of work had to pay a portion of what was then Poll Tax (apart from those of us who adopted a “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” stance – I was very Citizen Smith back then and probably still am). I lived in a room in a council-run guest house, where I shared sanitary facilities and my kitchenette was inside a cupboard.

    I lived on beans on toast, soup, noodles, tins of Irish Stew and £1 ready meals. I was actually still doing that right up until I met my husband – even searching cracks in the pavement for lost pennies. Somebody dropped a £5 note once on a windy day, but I’m honest and I returned it to them as soon as I’d managed to stamp on it.

    In recent years Britain has begun to develop “Slum estates” which weren’t here before; children are going to school on an empty belly and the heads of many households are working more than one job to make ends meet. It was bad when I was a young adult, but it’s only getting worse.

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