Episode 69 – “I Do Not See The Error Of Calling An Asshole An Asshole!”

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-96069/TS-809876.mp3] Download (Right-click to save as)

Episode 69: “I Do Not See The Harm In Calling An Asshole An Asshole!”

I am fully aware of the fact that I might have mentioned information wrong, but then again, what do you expect when you are frothing at the mouth pissed after seeing and reading everything below.


Either way! This should not have happened and I hope these fuckers are blacklisted from every venue in their town, and never allowed to put on an event.


The Original Video


Mr Repzion video for petition


The Petition



The Links





4 responses to “Episode 69 – “I Do Not See The Error Of Calling An Asshole An Asshole!”

  1. I used to be ‘MyCatWatchesMe’ on Youtube and then ‘BentRoses’, but I don’t favour Youtube – most especially that they own everything of yours.

    Thanks for explaining cosplay – no, I didn’t know.

    God, Michael, seriously? … Vulture.

  2. I agree Michael, this guy shouldn’t get work if he’s using work to pick up vulnerable individuals for sexual exploitation. Really sickening. You’re right, whoever wrote that stupid press statement is indeed negligent. Seriously negligent. Now, if they could just realise it before the next event… ??

    You’re right “of all the DJs they could have chosen, they chose a sex offender”. Incredible.

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