Episode 68 – “There No Place Like No Home”

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Episode 68: There’s No Place Like No Home”

Correction: I made the mistake and said this is my 67th episode when in fact it is my 68th. A bit of a verbal flub.

If this real I am completely disgusted by these people who are supposed to be parents.

Here is the original article:



3 responses to “Episode 68 – “There No Place Like No Home”

  1. I’m only a quarter of the way through this Michael, have only just got to the headline Atheist kicked out of home by “Christian” parents in Arkansas – right there, right there is the evidence they’re not Christian! Christ would have had tolerance – he helped all sorts of beggars, didn’t he, lepers etc…. Mary Magdeline!

    My speakers on my mac seem to have dropped volume – or there’s a lot of background noise, but I’m having to hold the computer to my ear to hear you. So like I say, only got to there & you’ve blown me away.

  2. 13, Michael? My gosh, she’s simply discovering herself. This is as bad as the Chinese Revolution. My God, this is horrific.

    What’s a work permit? Can’t you just go out and get a job? I’m curious.

    Saying “throw your child to the wolves” is exactly it. That’s what they did. Do meerkats do that? How weird.

    Sending texts? Foul. After cutting her away – yes, throwing darts. You seem to really doubt the article is real, but if it’s in a newspaper, surely it is? Oops, that was naive! But I would have thought!!

    No shit from no-one! 🙂

    • In the States (also depending on what state you live in) if you are not old enough to work you have to obtain a work permit (usually if you are under the age of eighteen). It is regulated by the Department Of Labor.


      Unfortunately the website the news article is from is not a major publication (newspaper). It isn’t even a local (particular city/state) one, so I am not one hundred percent sure of its validity.

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