Episode 67 – “Anger, Toilet Water, and Cars”

Had another run-in and decided to get it off of my chest in a (hopefully) humorous way.

I apologize if this episode didn’t turn out too funny.


2 responses to “Episode 67 – “Anger, Toilet Water, and Cars”

  1. Glad you had a good day for starters 🙂

    Role playing? Never heard of it.. and in Australia ‘GM’ is General Manger! So I’m glad you filled us in there, Michael.

    Husband sounds like a dick! What’s so hard about providing a drink???

    OMG, the kid actually drank from the toilet? What an ARSEHOLE. Fuck. Seriously, Michael. That’s just so awful. He has just trained his child to do that. You stopped about that – do you know what happened after? Did the man still say that? God, I would love him to arrive at my home & me offer him a drink, suggesting something tasty, zesty, & then pointing him to the toilet. What the fuck was that…

    In sex education you couldn’t learn about women’s needs??? !!! Crazy. Just crazy. It BROADENS your horizon to know beyond your own POV. OMG Michael – that’s really regrettable. I mean, look what it did to you!! It’s funny, yes, but shiiiiit!!
    You’re so sweet though.

    Yessir, relaying that story was a mistake! 🙂 THAT’s why you’re so sweet!!

    • He actually stopped saying it after that particular day that I mentioned, I am pretty sure “the wife” had more to say about it after everyone else went home. As for sex ed; in elementary it was pretty minimal, probably because of the age they started to teach us about it. By Jr. High and High School they taught us more, but they left out the information we might’ve actually needed to know like the alternative names for certain products for females. Just in case we might actually work in a store and have to direct people to where such items are shelved.

      Thank you. 😀

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