Episode 66 – “Assholes Against Injustice”

I recorded this episode because I was inspired by a friend’s comment on Facebook, as well as anyone else who wants to listen. I apologize for a bit of the rambling, but hopefully I got my point across without convoluting the intent I was attempting to make.


6 responses to “Episode 66 – “Assholes Against Injustice”

  1. My motto is “Take no shit and give no shit and there’ll be no shit; however, if you start shit, I will finish shit.” *grins* Thanks for the plug for The M3 Blog. 😉
    {HUGZ} to Carrie. xxx

  2. I’m much more capable of facing rude people these days. My first thought is ‘Whatever it is in your life causing you this kind of attitude to me, I’m not taking your shit because of whatever it is.’ I don’t tolerate it like I used to. I was at the lights today and had the car in neutral (a manual) – giving my accelerator foot a rest. It went green and I instinctively put on the accelerator – oops, needed to put it in gear. In that ONE SECOND it took me to realise ‘oops, neutral, put in gear’, the guy behind me beeped. I could believe his impatience. It was plain old annoying, that someone would be on the verge of irritation like that.

    You & your nephew have awesome times, it sounds. Just gorgeous.

    Can’t believe that Arby’s worker! That’s so ridiculous. As if you’re not meant to ask questions about what you’re about to buy!!!

    In suspense now, you’ve just given a warning!…

    Bizarre what you did with the dollar bills!!! EWWWWWWW!! But you should have done it in front of him. He won’t even know. (I did think of did you wash your hands, yes!)

    I didn’t know you get migraines… Have you got that boot in the head skit on video anywhere? Would love to see it!

    Great raging post, Punch-in-the-Dick-Michael!! 🙂

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