Episode 64 – Fandumb

This episode goes out to my friend Gemma over at “Wine and Roses From Outer Space” and anyone else that is a Doctor Who fan who are tired of really dumb people trying to ruin their enjoyment and make everyone look stupid. Also a gigantic thank you to Justine Dougan for sharing the first link.

Links to the stupidity




8 responses to “Episode 64 – Fandumb

  1. Ah, I always love your beginning πŸ™‚

    (I think it’s jjjjjj emma!! – as far as I know!)


    Love your head explode warning πŸ™‚ …


    Oh, old, hey?
    I don’t know what he looks like so I don’t know what’s what, but nor do I watch Dr Who! I love you supporting the old dude though πŸ˜‰ But seriously, what’s “wrong” with old?!

    Interesting post again Michael – love your rage!

    And just in parting, Michael: I CRIED ALL NIGHT AFTER THIS POST 😦 😦 😦

    Heee heee heee heeeeeee

  2. Your second pronunciation of my name is correct πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for this. Perhaps you’re not a fan but you have a lot of respect for the show!

    My first Doctor was Tom Baker, but I’ve watched them all. I adore Matt and will miss him (if you go back to the Patrick Troughton era you will see many similarities between the two – Matt even borrowed some quotes and the dress sense) but I am so excited to see Capaldi in action!

    “Butthurt” doesn’t even begin to describe these idiots – and thank you so much for the inclusion of my quote concerning Twishite and One Direction posters.

    See you later (maybe) when my Watchalong Group are taking in Boom Town xx

  3. Love it πŸ™‚ some people get too obsessed with things and become the Utter Stupid.

    Fine to dislike an actor if you like another, but to scream that another actor is terrible even before his episodes have been made let alone aired is just pure dumb!

    Peter Capaldi is a great actor and I’m looking forward to his take on the Doctor.

    As much as I liked David and Matt, they were a little too flamboyant or childish at times and I hope Peter brings a more mature take on it.

    Sod the fan girls, give us good scripts and Peter will excel.

    And as for those stupidity links… argh, the stupid… personally I really disliked RTD’s writing versus Moffat’s writing. And to say ‘classic’ Who is dull and boring because it has no special effects or CGI is just stupid, it was a low budget show, in a time when special effects were only generally possible with special video effects or using models. Robert Pattison as the Doctor tho…. how pathetic…

    I’m a fan and love the show, but if an actor changes I take it in my stride, if I don’t like him I don’t bother watching, simples.

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