Episode 63 – Bully Beatdown That Is Old News

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A couple of News segments about a boy who was bullied and then standing up for himself and the other about the other boy saying he was the one being bullied (if that makes sense).


5 responses to “Episode 63 – Bully Beatdown That Is Old News

  1. OMG!! I just spent nearly 2 hours, kicked off from the Casey video. First I watched Casey, then his opponent (did you watch that vid??) and then I got led by Ricki Lake and some 15yo boy who dressed like Marilyn Manson that his dad couldn’t handle. I’ve only just clicked your Grumpy. Loved the videos, gotta say… but now to listen to you… Just heard “sitting in a shithole job, answering to a dickhead boss….”

    Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 01:37:29 +0000 To: wordsfallfrommyeyes@hotmail.com

  2. Oh! Still listening – you don’t believe in Gale’s word? I know, you said you’re not taking sides, but you think there’s more to it. Michael, I believe in Casey absolutely. It became news BECAUSE Casey had had enough. The INTENDED video was for Casey to be beat up and everyone to have a laugh that Gale got to do that and that would be your normal Youtube video, but wohah! twist! it didn’t happen that way. THAT IS WHY IT MADE NEWS, COUPLED WITH, SO MANY COULD RELATE and wished they could have the guts of Casey. I love your words, though, I love your honesty of view. And it surprises me you say you were a bully yourself. Very interesting, as in, what?! I can’t comment on your Senior Grumpy though, I don’t have capability – I only get the audio strip to click ‘play’ on.

    I do not believe for one millisecond that Casey was a BULLY. The news is, in that moment he snapped. And in after-effect, people scrambled to look right in the eyes of the world. The other kid is a victim of his circumstances, YES, but he NEEDS TO STAND UP NOW, SAY SORRY AND CHANGE. Or, well, so we continue on…. Pick a definite? Casey: it became news BECAUSE he stood up for once. I mean, he took a few punches very nicely and calmly and enduringly… but how long are we meant to endure? In the latter, I cry in memory of Sylvia Liken. You bullied? Wow. You have so many aspects. I find this difficult to imagine when I see your demeanour on camera, your cheerful mein and your enduring ‘live and let live’ attitudes. Whatever though, for you are who you ARE not who you were. xxN.Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 01:37:29 +0000 To: wordsfallfrommyeyes@hotmail.com

    • That is why I do not see a definite between either side of the issue between both boys. Both boys come from families that love them very much (which is pretty obvious). I see it as maybe both bullying each other only because I have experienced that myself. Although the advantage you have over me is you are a parent (mom), I don’t have that perspective and cannot see it from that angle. The thing I think is it could be a possibility both boys might’ve been bullying each other maybe because of the mentality that one or the other might be an easy target and boost them in their respective social class. Like I said, it is hard to really to determine because I am only given that small fort-two second window of what was going on which was right in the middle of the incident.

      Maybe Gale is in the wrong and is the one who instigated it, but because it is such a small glimpse into what is going on outside of both news snippets I find it hard to tell. I do not see the whole of the story, I understand the situation of what is going on. Maybe it is just me? Who knows?

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