Episode 62 – Stupid Egocentric Greedy Assholes

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-96069/TS-694241.mp3] Download (Right click to save as)

Destructoid Article


A video about the issue from one of my favorite channels.


2 responses to “Episode 62 – Stupid Egocentric Greedy Assholes

  1. Ha – this is great, Michael! 🙂

    So true, though. It’s EXACTLY why I’m not into YT – well, one of the BLASTINGLY OBVIOUS reasons.

    Yeah, well done Sega. Hope whenever someone googles ‘Sega’ they see this video & HEAR it.

    Daniel, I know, still has YT vids of himself playing games. I’m glad he hasn’t been flagged.

    I can feel the rage in this guy. The ‘I love you’ and slag with phlegm just about says it alll.

    • Have him make sure none of his vids are Sega games, because they are really cracking down heavily on those. Especially with people losing their accounts over it. It is really ridiculous right now, and over a promotion for a game that might not be released outside of Japan.

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