Episode 60 – Some Shitty Things and Some Cool Things

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Malala Update

First article about Samantha Gordon

Second article about Samantha Gordon 


7 responses to “Episode 60 – Some Shitty Things and Some Cool Things

  1. Thank you for the thanks!! Nice to hear you say my name. You didn’t need to say thanks on air though.

    I’ve only got part way through this yet, Michael, as I have to go to work… 😦 boooo!

    I’ll finish this later 🙂

  2. After you did your ‘if you like it you’re free to… don’t like it…’ did I hear seagulls or something & you went ‘hmmm’? That was funny if I heard right!! I don’t think I heard that yesterday… 🙂

    You know, re the Gaza bombing & all that, I just don’t know what’s happening. You said you hate religion from it – but was it a religious thing or a land grab thing? I don’t know…. I can’t keep up with all this hate!!

    I watched a DVD last night called ‘Incendaries’. It was great – your comment reminded me of it. A Christian woman in (don’t know what country; I am a bit unlearned/ignorant) – she saw a bus coming, & anticipating it would be Muslims, took off her crucifix & put a scarf over her head, the bus stopped, she was accepted in.

    Up the road, there’s gun slinging Christians who stop the bus, shoot the driver, all the Muslims inside, but for our Christian woman who escapes the bullets & another woman & child. Then the three survivors hear men on top of the bus & they’re pouring petrol on it. Knowing they’re going to die, she brings out her crucifix & says ‘I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian!’ & they let her out of the bus, but the other woman doesn’t budge, clutching the child.

    As the Christ-ians are about to blow up the bus our woman says “My daughter!’ & they let the girl free of the mother’s arms, who lets her go so she’ll survive, and the girl resists, but the bus is blown up. The girl breaks free, runs toward the bus and the CHRISTians shoot her dead.

    Yeah, you reminded me of that.

    I didn’t know about Malawa & the Nobel Peace Prize petition!!! That’s FANTASTIC – FANTASTIC. I hope she gets it. I will google for that petition, & if I don’t find it I’ll come back & ask you!! If you don’t mind 🙂

    You’re right, for a young girl struggling to push education for girls – you know, it’s just enormous bravery. ENORMOUS.

    Re the dad teaching for free though, Michael – not sure I would work in the office for free (IF it were noble!!), when I need to pay rent & feed Daniel. I am sure he would, if he could survive at the same time, but I just don’t reckon he can do that.

    I never saw the vid of the father & the cards etc for Malala. Beautiful world… (sometimes).

    I appreciate the updates – and about the girl kicking ass – excellent! 🙂

    • Isn’t most land grabs in any war throughout history driven by greed and religious hatred by each of the opposing sides? One group hates another group, it isn’t good enough to leave them alone, or let them live in peace, even if they inhabit a part of the planet that they do not own or run, they must be killed and the casualties that go along with it are deemed a minor footnote in their mind.

      In the case of Malala’s dad. I think he should teach for free, with every time they have to vacate and go somewhere else he is going to lose money every time. Might as well arm young minds with the helpful knowledge to help them stand up for themselves, otherwise they are going to be stuck with a much bleaker future. I used to teach guitar, I know it isn’t the exact same, but there have been times I taught for free when a student couldn’t afford to pay because of his/her living situation.

      I do hope Malala does get the Nobel Peace Prize.


    I’m going to make this post my feature post on my side bar this week – love it 🙂

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