Episode 58 – Amanda Todd

I hope I have my facts straight for this episode. I know I can be all over the place if I allow my emotions to get the better of me. This was a tough subject to talk about, but I am glad I decided to take my time, read up, and mull it over. I know I trip over my words and meander a bit, but hopefully I do this justice.

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-96069/TS-679776.mp3] Download (Right click to save as) 

The original blog post that made me aware of Amanda Todd (Wine and Roses From Outer Space)

People Magazine Article

Huffington Post article about Anonymous pointing the police to the piece of shit that was blackmailing Amanda Todd


7 responses to “Episode 58 – Amanda Todd

  1. Thank you so much for the pingback; I’m so glad that a post on my little blog has garnered so much attention for Amanda. I’m happy to be identified as the person who wrote it.

    Your podcast made me cry, it resonated so much with memories I have of my own childhood – and my cousin tried to take his own life many times because he was being “gay-bashed”. He has so many psychological issues now because of these horrible people. i’m honoured that you’ve allowed me to become a part of the podcast against bullying, even anonymously. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your post. I do hope my podcast episode had a positive effect on you, and that I didn’t meander too much on what I had to say. I really wanted to make sure the serious nature of this subject was not lost or I meandered too much.

  2. Reblogged this on Wine And Roses From Outer Space and commented:
    I had no idea that my blog post about tragic teen Amanda Todd would have so much impact. I’m honoured that somebody took it seriously enough to include my blog on a podcast. You should go and listen to what he has to say – but I warn you to keep tissues nearby, because this man is so emotive that he could move a mountain to tears.

    For Amanda’s family, please help me spread this blog post as far and wide as possible, to let her parents know that WE CARE.

    • Thank you for reblogging my podcast episode. As I said before, I do hope it has a positive effect on those who listen to it, even though some of my episodes can be abrasive.

      Hope you have a good day.

  3. Sorry, Michael, I didn’t think she went further “did more nude shots”. I think she stopped at just flashing her young chest for the Piece of Shit & when he demanded more, she refused – and that’s when he threatened to share the shots, and did.

    I totally agree with you about beating up young Amanda (r.i.p.). The boyfriend should have had the lashing, not the young young young spirit, venturing into life, feelings, & learning about the many facets of various “types of people”.

    Good pod, Michael.

      • 🙂
        There was definitely a lot to read on it.

        Just think though now Michael – it’s yesterday’s news. It was so so NEWS for about a week there, and now where has it gone, this fact & reality of bullying & cyberbullying & guys like ‘him’? They’re all still there, still functioning like that, and the cameras have turned to a new ‘hot news item’.

        What just happened?
        What changed?
        What justice?
        What conscience?

        And right now, who knows, Amanda’s (r.i.p.) parents could be sitting at her graveside, sobbing.

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