Episode 57 – The Strength of One Voice and Many

Hopefully this time my information is correct and what I have to say is coherent.

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-96069/TS-676897.mp3] Download (Right click to download)

Malala Yousafzai

Class Dismissed

We’re Not Malala (This article is not negative nor is it trying to discredit or take away what Malala is standing up for.)

Aasiya Bibi

Rimsha Masih

Banazir Bhutto


6 responses to “Episode 57 – The Strength of One Voice and Many

  1. “Fuck you… fuck you all together…” !! That made me laugh, Michael.

    This is a very worthy subject, Michael. It’s excellent. I didn’t know all that about her father. I understand what you’re saying education should be free – but who pays the teachers? It’s difficult, hey.

    Very strong opinions here, Michael. It IS cowardly, it SO IS. And how could they imagine a God is ok with this? Just not possible. No God would be OK with this. I didn’t know you’d sat in on women’s activist situs.

    • I was taught to always keep my eyes and ears open by those around me. I cannot say I have ever sat in on anything, I tend to read a lot, watch a lot of documentaries.

      It offends me to see, read, or hear about those who are denied human rights because someone else felt that the people (or women in this case) aren’t worthy enough or thought of as low/insignificant. The thing I can probably attribute this to is a lot of our teachers who weren’t afraid to teach about free and critical thinking. Plus seeing the things that happened to my female friends, sister, and mother have also had some long-term effects on me.

      • “They” try & give ppl mindfulness by saying “she is someone’s sister/mother” etc.

        I appreciate your sensitivity to women. It’s comforting.

  2. Asia NOREEN! Go the Noreens!

    Actually Michael, that link was chilling, so chilling. Mob coming to her house, & 2 years later she’s still in prison. It is just so fucked. It is DISGUSTING.

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