I had planned to release an episode today but ended up not releasing either of the two I had recorded. The first one I recorded was just too long-winded, was on-point, but was just boring. The second I recorded was ok, but I didn’t have my facts straight. So I am doing proper research to rectify this and make sure that I will have my information straight and have taken the time to do proper research and not just completely ramble on while missing the point entirely.

Hope you all have a good day.


4 responses to “Update

  1. Damn you make me curious! Research? Facts? This sounds good.

    Re the first recording – surely you could have edited it to chop it up. C’mon, if it was on target but just too long, surely you could?…

    • I tried editing it down to a shorter time, but it just wasn’t working. I just really didn’t like the end result by the time I was done.

    • Yes, I deleted it because I didn’t have my facts completely straight about my subject matter. So I am going to re-record the episode when I learn more about my subject.

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