Episode 55 – You Have The RIght To Reply, But Not The Right To Spam

This particular episode is in responds to a spammer and troll. Below the audio will be the image of what I am talking about.

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-96069/TS-651429.mp3]Download (Right click to save as)

Here is a link to an image I took of this individual’s blog earlier. I have omitted the others she has mentioned and whom have commented because I do not have their permission to use their names and comments. I also blocked out this person’s website/username because they do not pay me to advertise. You might have to click on the image when it comes up with the magnifying glass icon, depending on your browser. Click here


4 responses to “Episode 55 – You Have The RIght To Reply, But Not The Right To Spam

  1. Spammers & trolls (welcome)… 🙂

    Oh, Michael, you’re my fave ‘Dangerous Man’!

    This is funny Michael, seriously BADLY funny!

    Thank you so much for your respect. It seems you put this out when I was ‘away for a week’. How dear of you.

    She DID stir the hornet’s nest, and she DID then cry foul.

    Fancy calling your site drivel, but if she hasn’t read the ‘drivel’ – how does she know it’s drivel?? And then she left a link to her blog!

    This is actually really sad to me, so sad to me. Oh Michael, it’s just really sad.

    But you DID make light, & you did make me laugh. I hope that she didn’t truly get to you, behind the show though. Brain damaged – and then slanderous claims it’s because of drugs & alcohol. God, she just… yeah, a genetic defective. That was so well said.

    Thank you for caring, thank you for your respect.

    • When I first started I was heated and started right out, but because I was just so angry I was just spitting out whatever was seething on my mind, but it wasn’t coherent enough so I had to stop and do a few more takes.

      • That’s sort of funny – being so spitting angry you have to stop & do retakes! Sorry, but it is…

        Have the FBI been in touch yet?

        I’m still waiting on a counterclaim that she wrote to the Magistrate on 21st August she was preparing, so the Magistrate has given her a month to produce. I’m really curious what she could claim…

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