Episode 32 – Working On Getting Healthy

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In this episode I talk about working towards getting healthier, walking, and trying to stay positive.



5 responses to “Episode 32 – Working On Getting Healthy

  1. “The fears and opinions…” ! 🙂

    When you said let’s begin the show, it sounded like you were taking a shower – until the talking. I wonder where you got your audios from?? I love your accent!! I really do.

    Ah, negative things….. don’t we all have them! The mountain sounds perfect! I used to walk like that – but really manically. I used to walk at a crazy pace and went MILES but the thing is, yes, I agree I did zone out.

    Wow, I totally relate to not being on twitter and FB and so on – you’re doing it at your own pace.

    • Haha! The audio is actually tv static (audio snow) followed by an angry cat scream that I layered, pitch-shifted, and mixed. Although I guess the shower sound wouldn’t be too far off since that is what I do before working on any of my blogs or podcasts.

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